The Happy Self Journal | Grown Up
The Happy Self Journal | Grown Up
The Happy Self Journal | Grown Up
The Happy Self Journal | Grown Up
The Happy Self Journal | Grown Up

The Happy Self Journal | Grown Up

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Finding the right journal can be hard. At HappySelf, they believe that everyone should have the tools to impact their own happiness. With ground-breaking studies revealing the extraordinary link between gratitude journaling and increased happiness, they are dedicated to bringing you simple, proven practices that you can action as early as today.


Each undated page will have a daily quote or statement to help you feel positive. You can practice gratitude by listing your 'top three things'. It doesn't always have to be about the 'big moments' but rather the small ones that brought you a step closer to a goal you've been working on or rather, something that you would like to start on. It can be hard to reflect on our feelings, so just by choosing an emoji from a selection of moods can help to build your self-awareness. 

You will also find that the journal has an added structure of weekly reviews for each week where you can plan to maintain healthy habits like planning your routines. The journal has plenty of space for free journaling, checklists and challenges to create positive and fulfilling habits. Fellow journalers using the HappySelf journal have found it to be the ideal diary as it is light-hearted and uncomplicated to use. 

Can be used to journal alongside your children if you wish to share the journaling experience as a family. 


  • 3 month journal
  • A5 size (14.8 x 21 cm)
  • 128 pages
  • 100 gsm responsibly sourced premium FSC paper
  • Soft touch front cover
  • Lie-flat binding 

Eco-offset ink with no hazardous substances. The thread used to sew the binding is made from recycled water bottles. All our packaging is climate neutral and made with FSC paper and fully recyclable. Our cover is Vegan friendly and can be recycled.Developed in collaboration with teachers and psychologists.