Your Baby Your Birth Hypnobirthing Skills

Your Baby, Your Birth Hypnobirthing Skills for Every Birth

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No matter how you birth your baby, feel calm and safe with hypnobirthing.

Your Baby, Your Birth is a truly modern hypnobirthing book for ALL births.

In-demand hypnobirthing coach Hollie de Cruz provides you with the skills and tools to make any birth feel safe, calm, connected and empowering. Drawing on her experience working with new mums, including Fearne Cotton and Giovanna Fletcher, Hollie de Cruz helps you prepare for a positive (not 'perfect') birth experience and approach motherhood with confidence in yourself and your instincts.

Your Baby, Your Birth will teach you:

  • That birth is safe - listen to your body, embrace the changes, prepare your mind and relax during pregnancy.
  • Exercises and breathing techniques for labour and birth for you and your birth partner, along with guided meditations to keep you calm and engaged.
  • How to trust your instincts, understand your body and baby, and make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Hollie de Cruz, creator of the award-winning yesmum positive affirmation cards, is renowned for demystifying hypnobirthing and her down-to-earth, realistic approach is highly sought after.

Whatever kind of birth you are planning, let Hollie de Cruz provide you with a set of deep relaxation, mindfulness and meditation tools for an empowering experience.